SHM-TECHNOLOGIES, is pleased to present to you our new project “SHMCoin”.

SHMCoin created on BEP20 / BSC Binance Smart Chain to be developed for DeFi token.

There is no doubt that Binance Smart Chain is emerging as a leading blockchain network.

BSC Coins are fully EVM compatible, they are compatible with one of the most popular DeFi wallets - Metamask. Also, it has pre-built pricing oracles (eg ChainLink) that are very important for dApps of different types.

With this kind of compatibility, it has become very easy for dapps owners to switch from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

On top of that, Binance Chain has linked major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, EOS, and more.

This simplifies interoperability in the DeFi ecosystem. Compared to Ethereum, the gas fees on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are almost 20 times lower.

Now who are we and why did we create the SHMCOIN?

At SHMINING we are a company that offers Bitcoin Mining Plans with a monthly profitability of 2.5% interest or 30% annual, all in bitcoin mined, sales of ASIC's machines, advice and everything that has to do with the CRYPTO INDUSTRY!

With more than 8000 users on our platform and more than 500 active clients. Our company is legally registered in more than half a dozen countries in America and Europe. These include the United States, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Croatia, and Venezuela. We have been in the crypto industry for more then 5 years, also consulting, maintenance, repair shops and sales of BITMAIN / CANNON AVALON / WHATSMINER equipment.

SHMINING is owner of its own virtual wallet KRYPWALLET where the client has the alternative of storing their cryptos directly that they mine with us as well as other cryptos that they would like to have such as BITCOIN / ETHEREUM / USD COIN / BITCOIN CASH / DOGECOIN and very soon BNB and our star coin SHMCOIN.

Our ewallet Kryp Wallet was created to minimize fee expenses that our clients and users may incur in other third party wallets, it was also created to connect through API's and internal systems our new products such as the SHM P2P INTERCHANGE, which consists of a completely automated system that will allow our clients and users to exchange their BUYER / SELLER cryptos in a secure way with the security of SHMINING acting as arbitrage in the negotiation.

SHMINING has its own platforms such as the SHMTX 3.0 where it gives accessibility to all its customers and users to easy shopping, news and consulting portal. It connects with online shopping systems for any CREDIT / DEBIT card purchase and also offers access to crypto purchases and bank transfers giving a completely pleasant experience.

SHMINING has banking relationships and business accounts in the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Croatia and Colombia.

SHMINING has its own mining farms that connect to our portal, these work based on connections with real mining, from our farms that we have in various parts of Latin America and Europe, equipped with Bitmain Antminer S9's to S19's miners, bitcoins are directly visualized from the Antpool mining pool to our SHMTX-3.0 portal through API's that indicate the platform the daily mining so that our clients have complete visibility of their plans.

SHMINING also has KRYP SCHOOL educational pages not only for the customer and users to continue enjoying our products, but also to educate themselves in this exciting world.

The SHMCOIN is not only a new token launched with a name, it is a token launched with BACKUP!


The shm coin will be used for purchases with discounts on all our products, such as, mining plans, purchases of mining machines, educational services, advisory services, giveaways, airdrops, exchange, purchase and sale of coins, and will be the currency of our complete SHM ecosystem we are building!

All this has an intrinsic value that will generate liquidity for the SHMCOIN, making it a product with great potential and value from the begining, we have been developing its strength for more than 5 years now.

Before launching the ICO we are offering our customers and users the opportunity to acquire the SHMCOIN on its first private sell at a price of $ 0.02 cents per coin and we will offer 3.5% additional on a monthly basis for what you hold, similar as those systems better known as HODL or Lending until its first launch date. 2 million coins available in this private sale.

Future ICO / Initial Coin Offering

  • The coin will start at a value of $ 0.04 cents.
  • Funds raised for the DtEFI campaign and capital increase
  • Launch of DEFI Increase Round 1 for SHM Coin
  • Whitepaper / Business Plan / Tokenization / Marketing / SHMCOIN legally incorporated in Switzerland
  • Second round of DEFI increase for SHMcoin100 North America, 57 Germany, 16 Russia, 31 China


  • 340+ Crypto News & Media
  • More than 450 asset managers and investment banks
  • 1800 venture capital firms and hedge funds
  • Total estimated reach: 2.1B monthly visits in traffic
  • 1% of 2.1b = 21 million visits interact with the marketing campaign.
  • We are estimating a minimum of $ 2.1 million USD in our first round of token sale that will give our coin a great success on its first launch.

Contract Address SHMCOIN


Enjoy the SHMCOIN platform where you can buy, sell, hold and exchange the TOKEN with other cryptos such as BTC, ETH, among others, and offers forms of payment such as: Visa MasterCard and bank transfers.

Register NOW, meet the KYC requirements and acquire our currency in your first private sale.