About Us

Our Origins & Start Up

5 Years ago We share an idea we made it real.

With over 5 years experience in Bitcoin Mining we were born in Latin America and now growing globally registered in 4 countries including the United States.

We are a company dedicated to mine Bitcoin of high-end technological equipment, specifically with Hardware of Nanochips Application-specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), for cryptocurrency mining.

We started back in 2015 as a Crypto Mining Start-Up with self efficient hosting miners to serve our clients. Then, We launched our Bitcoin Mining plans making the mining process efficient and easy for our clients. We are constantly upgrading our services to offer you the best Bitcoin mining experience.

In addition, our experience make us as one of the most efficient companies in this market. We offer a wide variety of plans for every need, where you simply enjoy your income that we assure with our mining farms and our high level service.